Paid Search Marketing

Our 15+ years of experience in Paid Search with Fortune 100 companies, start-ups and small businesses will ensure you that you are working with best-in-class talent. The goal is to ensure we are maximizing sales & leads for you at the most cost-effective price. We are here to help you grow your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Running a small business in this day of technology and social media it is likely that you have heard of paid search marketing, which is also commonly known as search engine marketing or SEM. You may have also heard it called PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. Although they are now becoming buzz words, a lot of businesses are still not clear on exactly what it is and the tremendous value it can bring your business.

Read on to learn more about what Paid Search Marketing is, how it works, why use it, and see how it benefits businesses of various sizes and scope.

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What’s Paid Search Marketing?

In order to better understand the concepts around Paid Search Marketing or Paid Search Advertising, you first must understand a search engine results page or SERP. Using a Search Engine like Google to find information or content will lead to a list of web pages. These web pages are displayed as Search Engine results and you can see their title, links and descriptions. The results are comprised of Paid and Organic Search results. These are the web pages that the Search Engine algorithms concluded were the best matches for your initial search or query.

Web Design

Paid Search ads are the results at the top of your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They look very similar to the Organic Search listings but are differentiated by an “Ad” icon. See screenshot above.

Why Use Paid Search?

Search Engines are used by billions of people. By getting your website and information on top of Paid Search results your business will increase its visibility and therefore drive more traffic to your website. Traffic and/or awareness is the first step in getting sales or conversions. What better way to increase sales or conversions but through the use of Search Engines. Remember that people who are “searching” for a specific product or service already have a want or need. These are all high quality leads that can be driven to your brand and business.

What about SEO or Organic Search?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are the organic listings on a Search Results Page (SERP). This means that these results are appearing for “free” and “organically”. Simply put, there are no advertising dollars behind their rankings. These pages are ranking highly because of the good quality of their content. With that said, it takes a lot of time, investment in thought and effort into creating and producing high quality content.

High rankings through SEO also doesn’t happen overnight. Paid Search ads can be placed on Search Engines in real time. You can have one up and ready in less than an hour if you are working with a professional, while SEO will take a lot more time. Depending on how quickly you can produce content and how competitive the landscape is, it may take a few weeks or even months for you to build and accumulate content for SEO. It may also take weeks or months for search engines to crawl the pages and collect sufficient user data on your content to rank it highly.

SEO can be part of a longer and more comprehensive strategy. Small businesses can examine the high value of a superb SEO content strategy here. We will also publish another blog post that focuses specifically on SEO – so stay tuned!

How Does Paid Search Work?

Paid Search is basically an ad. Paid Search ads are bought by an advertiser through an auction model. The advertiser puts in a bid or an amount that they are willing to pay to have their Paid Search ad show up in the Search Engine results. An advertiser can specify a bid range from a few cents to several dollars per click. There are also several factors that determine how you rank on search results, which is based on search engine algorithms.

Who Uses Paid Search?

Anyone and everyone can use Paid Search to get their product, service, information, content, etc., out and in front of very interested users. After all, they wouldn’t be “searching” if they weren’t interested. Businesses of any size can benefit from Paid Search. Search Engines such as Google may be huge but you do not have to be a big business to use them.

What is Paid Search Analytics?

In digital marketing, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing provide marketers using their advertising platform with data and analytics. With this data, you can learn quite a bit about the users visiting your website or clicking your ads.

Example of data that you can analyze:

  • User location
  • What links and content they’re clicking or interacting with
  • What type of device they’re using (mobile, tablet, laptop)
  • How long they spent on your site
  • What pages they visited on your site
  • This data allows you to see what type of customers you’re attracting, and shows you which ones are better when it comes to sales and conversions. It allows you to look at data and helps you target better customers in the future. It can be used to be help small businesses be more efficient with their advertising dollars. Analytics provides data so you can continuously improve your campaigns and get the results your business needs.

    Analytics is one of the many game changing attributes that digital marketing can bring. It can provide small businesses with a tangible and detailed way of how their advertising initiatives are driving results. You can find out more detail about how analytics can drive better business results here.

    What are the Benefits of Using Paid Search?

  • Speed. You can get to the top of Search Engine Results … fast! The most valuable piece of real-estate on the internet are the top positions in Google search results. If you are a new small business or a mature one looking to scale and take your business to next level, Paid Search ads are right for you. It will get you in front of highly targeted users who are interested in your business, in a matter of minutes.
  • Customers who are “searching” are ready to buy. People use “search” to look for a product or service that they are already interested in. They may have already done a lot of the homework and are more informed, therefore they are more inclined to buy or convert. They are showing high interest because they are proactively searching for that product or service to satisfy a need.