Usability Enhancements

Project Highlights
Enhanced and created the user experience and design for various booking paths including the hotels booking path and “Build my own trip” booking process. Strategized and designed B2B initiatives with key executives. Introduced a more lean and agile environment while providing direction and leadership to the team members.
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The Challenge

With an already established brand and user base, we needed to provide better experiences on the various different platforms and devices without deterring users but instead increasing the click-through rates in the booking process. Aside from the consumer facing website, I was tasked to create the whole experience of their B2B sports partnership portal.

The Process
Assuming a more lean approach, every project included the various departments and stakeholders in meetings from the beginning. This ensured that the direction and process were agreed on from the get go. Creating information architecture documentation, it provided the foundation where we can build up our ideas and the vision for each project.
The Results
From team meetings to IA documents and a more lean approach, we were able to produce enhancements that not only met the business objectives but also delighted the users. We also saw a direct increase in conversions for the areas that were enhanced. The process and the design for the B2B sports partnership portal was well received. So much well received that it became the basis for’s account/profile creation and management.
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