Reserve America

Project Highlights
Re-architectured the site flow of the current site to include net new initiatives. Created IA documents, wireframes, and protoypes which were communicated directly with development team. Enhanced functionality of existing site to leverage the REACT framework which the site was being migrated to. Worked alongside PMs and scrum teams and presenting demos to key stakeholders.

The Challenge
Reserve America was in need of enhancements to compete with upcoming organizations within the parks and recreations reservation space. The current site was not initially developed with the user in mind and consisted of minimal analytics tagging. We needed to revisit the site and uncover opportunities through data analysis and heuristic evaluation. The goal was to enhance the usability of the site and its search capabilities.
The Process
We set out goals and objectives from key stakeholders and performed competitive analysis. Data-analysis of the site was also conducted to validate initiatives and course of action. User tests were conducted to understand our users' behaviours and patterns. We wanted to ensure that we focused and prioritized on the enhancments that would provide the largest effects on the business and address user pain points / roadblocks.
The Results
The launch of the site was a phased approach. Initially, we had to ensure that we were at parity and above when migrating the code to the REACT framework. It was made available to specific US states to ensure that the site would perform as required and remedy technical issues.
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