UX / CRO / Personalization / Testing

Project Highlights
Developed conversion optimization strategies encompassing user flows, site content, and mobile / desktop experiences. Conducted user testing and site analysis to determine areas for optimization. Applied personalized experiences to enhance the experience of different user segments. Performed A/B/Multivariate testing to validate assumptions and initiatives prior to full scale implementation.Visit Site

The Challenge is a well known product looking to increase growth in subscription base of their business. The goal was to gain higher percentage of market share from the TAM (total addressable market). The site required thorough user experience analysis and analyze the metrics to determine macro/micro conversion rates. Through user testing we uncovered that there were large pain points which included questions on product-fit.
The Process
We started by conducting various user testing and a deep-dive on the metrics of the site. As we were unconvering the major pain points we started building our hypotheses and establishing our testing process to validate the assumptions. Through testing and learning, we iterated with initiatives that garnered positive results. We continued to cycle through the process to continuously improve user experience and engagement.
The Results
Processes for testing and personalization were established and implemented into the workflow for all initiatives. The processes were expanded to the various business units creating a new element of rigor and validation. Increases in both macro and micro conversions are being seen throughout the flows and journeys of different personas.
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