Site Re-design | UX

Project Highlights was completely re-imagined and re-designed to enhance not only the aesthetics but also the user experience. The booking flow was consistently iterated to increase its usability and conversion rate. Agent portals were created to provide a more robust system for the travel agents that would not affect the experience of the customers.
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The Challenge
As one of the more prominant online travel retailers, was in need of full site redesign to stay abreast with its competitors and user expectations.  Apart from the look and feel many different aspects of the site required a more user-friendly approach, whereas the current state at the time used a more “shotgun” approach.
The Process
As with most of the travel industry turn-around times to delivering a newly imagined site was tight.  Most of the current assets at the time such as CSS and images were not usable to fit the standard of the look and feel.  The majority of the front-end development and graphic production had to be built from the ground up.  Development time from the sign-off on design was two weeks.
The Results
Working with a team of highly skilled and collaborative members, we were able to meet the launch date.  The new look and feel was well received by returning and new users.  The new business objectives were now also being addressed.  As with most sites, it is never finished, this was only the beginning.  We now had the proper structure and technology in place to start analyzing user behaviours to improve the overall experience.
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