Site Re-design | UX

Project Highlights
Exceeded client and user expectations in terms of design and user experience. Increased user engagement and presented more vital information which users were requesting in terms of the Highliner product lines. Hard relaunch of the product packaging, website, and branding on a national scale.

The Challenge
Highliner Foods were in the process of rebranding their packaging to update their appearance with their consumers. Alongside the packaging design the website was also in need of an update not just in appearance but as well as its information and initiatives. The backend structure also needed to be updated as the product and site data was not yet dynamically generated.
The Process
Working side-by-side with the package design team, we integrated the new branding elements into the site. A new backend structure was also being developed and at the same being populated with more up-to-date information and product line imagery. Aside from being an information based site, new initiatives were also being integrated such as new recipe systems and viral functionality.
The Results
A new website with a fresh look that integrates itself with the new brand and package design. To increase engagement the website gave the user more features aside from product information which included recipes, food articles, and product and corporate updates. Updating product lines, imagery, and information was now also streamlined and simplified with use of databases to generate the content dynamically.
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