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Project Highlights
Strategized, architected, and designed the brand and website. Communicated and directed the offshore development team. Conducted user research, competitive analysis, and SWOT analysis thereby creating user personas, scenarios, and journey maps. Presented to key executives and stakeholders for buy-in in terms of the brand and overall direction of the website.
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The Challenge
With just a domain name,, the objective was to create an industry leading online agency for cruises. Working with very minimal information, we needed to research and find out more of the cruise clientele. We needed to find out their behaviours, patterns, and pain points and develop solutions that would delight the users and at the same time position the brand and site to meet the business goals.
The Process
Starting from the ground up, we interviewed users as well as cruise professionals that were available within the establishment. Iteration upon iteration of information architecture documents, we developed solutions that were unique and user-friendly. Performing competitive analysis helped us understand what is currently offered in the industry and at the same time allowed us to view areas for improvement.
The Results
The result was a website that was warm and inviting with a more experience based imagery. The booking process was also simplified compared to the competitors targeting more of first time cruisers but with enough functionality for the more experienced cruisers. The usability of the website more so matches the mental model and expectations of the user base.
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